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On-site Geriatric Primary Care

In pursuit of Mozaic Senior Life's mission to provide high quality health care, we offer on-site primary care medical services. Physicians are available to meet the needs of those residing at Mozaic Senior Life as well as seniors in the community.

Allison B. Ostroff, M.D.

As of October 1, 2023, Dr. Allison B. Ostroff will act as Mozaic Senior Life's new Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Ostroff is a fellowship-trained and double board-certified physician specializing in geriatrics. She was previously at Stamford Hospital, where she started and directed a geriatrics division and then at Nuvance Health in Norwalk where she established another geriatric assessment center in Wilton. Dr. Ostroff will gradually be increasing her Resident case load as she assumes this role.


We are very grateful that Dr. Ken Fine will be staying on as part of our active medical staff  to assure a smooth transition.


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Kenneth Fine, M.D.

Dr. Kenneth Fine joined Mozaic Senior Life in August, 2007. His many years in medicine includes numerous leadership positions in both internal medicine and emergency medicine at prestigious academic medical centers. Dr. Fine has held faculty appointments at Yale, Columbia, Cornell and Mt. Sinai Medical Schools and a fellowship at the New York Academy of Medicine.


Dr. Fine’s experience practicing as a general internist at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center helped him understand the true need for a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to caring for seniors. Dr. Fine serves as a primary care physician for both long-term care Residents and community patients. He offers geriatric assessments, a comprehensive medical and social evaluation of an older client. Dr. Fine works with the Mozaic Institute on Aging to coordinate various health care services for clients through its care management program.

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Geriatric Assessment

A geriatric assessment in a comprehensive outpatient consultation conducted by one of our staff physicians and social workers. The evaluation assesses a patient’s current physical and cognitive health. Together, working as a team with primary care physicians, providing them with specialized insight, the goal is identify the risk factors for cognitive decline, medication interactions, and evaluate multiple diagnoses to optimize the quality of daily life.


The team meets with the patient and their care partners for an initial 2-hour appointment, to share concerns or specific issues. Care partners are also encouraged to attend and share their perspectives and support required. A follow-up appointment is offered to patients to discuss conclusions, recommendations and potential resources or referrals. This information is summarized in a report for the patient.


Medicare or other insurance may cover payment for this service. Co-pay amounts will vary per person. Please inquire with our team about your specific coverage and fees.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (203) 396-1240 or email

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