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Benefits & Services


Care Coordination

From the first day of membership, you will be assigned a care coordinator, who will get to know you personally as well as your health goals and wishes. We strive to form long-lasting, personal, trusting relationships with each Member which allows us to provide the best care for our Members over time. Your care coordinator will advocate for, and support, you when needed and help you navigate the sometimes-tricky waters of the healthcare system. When care is needed, your care coordinator will meet and discuss your situation and oversee and implement a personal care plan that meets your needs to ensure your safety and well-being.


Home-Based Services

Your Mozaic at Home benefits include home-based care and services. When you need help with one or more of your activities of daily living, whether for a short amount of time (i.e., during a brief illness or after a joint replacement procedure such as a knee or hip) or on a permanent basis, your care will be scheduled, provided and covered by your Mozaic at Home benefits.


Care in your home will also be covered if a you are diagnosed with any type of dementia disorder (i.e., Alzheimer’s Disease), become bed bound or homebound, or need special equipment to ambulate (i.e., wheelchair, walker).


While you are living at home, participation in an adult day program near your home is also covered.


Facility-Based Services

The goal of Mozaic at Home is to help our Members remain at home, independently, for as long as possible. When you join our program, we know that is your goal as well. However, life and circumstances sometimes dictate that your home is not the safest and best place for you to live. Therefore, as a safety net, assisted living and nursing home services are also covered by your Mozaic at Home benefits. Such facility-based services would be at our campus, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus at Park Avenue, however certain exceptions can be made if travel to our campus would be difficult for your family members living in the area.


Other Benefits and Services

In addition to the important care coordination, home-based services and facility-based services that are covered, your Mozaic at Home benefits also include:

  • Access to planned and scheduled social, recreational, educational and cultural activities and leisure events
  • Members can also join our fitness center, The J Fitness, at a highly discounted rate
  • Transportation for select medical procedures, appointments and treatments
    • Transportation can also be arranged for any non-covered medical needs or anything else
  • Referral and concierge services
    • Mozaic at Home can provide Members with local, trusted professionals in our community, (i.e. plumbers, electricians, bookkeepers and handymen) 
  • A personal emergency response system
  • A home safety evaluation by a licensed therapist during the first year of the membership and every second year thereafter, unless circumstances or the Member's health condition justify more frequent inspections
  • Meal delivery to your home while you are recovering from an illness or recent hospitalization (if you are not already receiving aide, companion or homemaker services at home)

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